Hi, my name is David and welcome to my blog.

Main aim of this blog...

The aim of this blog is to back up my YouTube channel.

As anyone who has seen my videos will know, I like to include a fair amount of factual information and quotes. I want it to be easy for people to access the information which I am discussing so I have added this website which will in the future provide fully referenced transcripts for all future videos. I also use slides in my videos to back up my points and I also aim to somehow make sure that the references for all of these slides are easily visible on this site in one way or another.

(However, please note that for the first four videos I have made, whilst there are transcripts, they are not fully referenced. I aim to go back and fully reference these transcripts and accompanying slides at some point in the future).

Aim of my YouTube channel...

 The aim of my YouTube channel is to promote the idea of direct, participatory democracy in communities, workplaces and the economic sphere generally (AKA social anarchism) whilst also attacking the ideas that underpin current systems of power.

I also recommend anyone interested in these sort of videos also checks out the channels of The Left Libertarian and Anarchopac.

Other content on this blog...

I have will be adding a few extra articles that are separate to my videos but will cover similar themes.

I have also added links to websites that people may find interesting whether it is buying a political T-shirt, buying political books or joining a grass roots political organisation.

If this blog starts getting a lot of traffic I will start adding more content.


Also, I'm always looking to collaborate with people on these types of projects so if you think we could work together get in touch!


Email: DavidDominic@hotmail.co.uk

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